Facial line - Facial Gel Aloe Vera Curaloe® 150ml / 5.0 fl oz

Article number: 10310

Facial Gel 

Our Facial Gel cools and relieves the skin from dryness and excessive sun exposure. Additionally it alleviates itchy skin. 

Active ingredients:

  • 90% Pure Aloe Vera gel

Benefits Curaloe® Facial Gel:

  • Cools and moisturises the skin
  • Alleviates itchy skin
  • Supports the structure of the skin
  • Helps to nourish and repair the skin


After cleansing the skin with the Curaloe® Facial Wash and/ or Curaloe® Facial Toner, apply Curaloe® Facial gel.

No Parabens nor animal derived ingredients are added to our products.


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